No Stopping - blue circlie with red outline and diagonal cross

The “No Stopping” and “No Waiting” symbols are unusual amongst British road signs as they are not pictograms. The symbols are both used as part of signs, and the “No Stopping” symbol is used by itself as the sign for “Clearway” restrictions, where no stopping is allowed on the carriageway at any time.

red bay marking

Red bays are only found on red routes

sign with no waitin, no loading, and pay & display restrictions

Where different restrictions apply at different times, the signs can be a little overwhelming, but they follow a pattern that breaks things down by time; look at the times, then see what the restriction for that time is.

bus stop markings

Yellow bays are for specific types of vehicles, most often bus stops and taxi ranks.

Mon - Sat 8am - 7pm 20 mins No return within 40 mins

White bays mark out spaces that are specifically in place to park in. There may or may not be rules attached to the bay on a sign. In some places, they may be marked out with different paving instead of white paint.

double red lines

Red lines indicate a No Stopping restriction known as a “red route”.

kerb markings

Yellow lines off the edge of the kerb indicate a No Loading restriction.

no waiting 8am - 6pm

What’s the difference between a single yellow line and a double yellow line?