Changes to the seafront in Clevedon, an attack in Nottingham, private parking company refuses to correspond in Welsh, and a motorist in Bristol claims every car in her street got a penalty.

Free parking in Wednesbury, attempting to force a barrier on a multi-storey, parking over two spaces, USDAW calls for a charges review, and two different approaches to school parking problems.

Boris Johnson’s parking tickets, parking on a hard shoulder, is it a shadow or is it a car, policy review in Thanet, pavement parking enforced by West Yorkshire Police, and expensive parking places in London.

Dangerous and inconsiderate parking in Snowdonia, using the park and ride in Oxford promoted. Gloucestershire County Council is replacing its pay & display machines, and threatening to kill a parking enforcement officer doesn’t pay for a driver in Hereford.

Pavement parking – closes a charity shop in Birmingham, and enforcement in Scotland is further delayed. Council candidates clash over a penalty; PayByPhone makes changes; a consultation on motorcycle parking. Yahoo classes parking as a sport?

Drivers find parking restrictions confusing; should Hospital Parking be “free”; summer is not yet here but summer parking problems already are; and a camera fault in Ludlow causes erroneous charges.

Driveways creating flood risks, replacing a car park with a memorial park, a pensioner turns to crime, and a family with too many cars.

Nuneaton and Bedworth subsidise drivers by raiding the decarbonisation budget, debate over what a car park is for in Edinburgh, Park and Sail in the lake district, changes in Coventry.

New standard for cycle parking, HGVs in Kent, and a DIY school street in Cleethorpes.

Proposals for new charging schemes in Hounslow and Kendal; study shows the extend of space dedicated to cars, and two companies claiming to sell parking spaces wound up after misleading investors.