Last week in parking: 15 May 2022

15 May 2022

North Somerset council are planning changes that will increase the number of parking spaces in Clevedon – but some traders are angry that the seafront will no longer be covered in cars.

In Nottingham, there has been another attack over a parking dispute

In Wales, a motorist fought a private parking penalty on the grounds that the company refused to provide the penalty and correspondence in Welsh. He won, but because the company failed to attend, rather than the merits of the case.

ITV News also has a story claiming every car on a street received a penalty for overstaying a time limit. ukparking view: This seems very unlikely – the time limit covers only part of the street. While the road is mostly residential, it is a short cul-de-sac off a busy road with shops, takeaways, and very limited parking. There won’t be a solution that pleases everyone – having no restrictions will likely leave residents unable to find a space in the afternoon with the space filled with workers’ cars. A permit scheme would solve this, but residents may not want the expense of permits and businesses not want to give up space they or their customers use.