Last week in parking: 04 July 2021

04 Jul 2021

Slightly late with this one, but the introduction of a new standard was for cycle parking facilities published by the Bicycle Association seemed to important to miss. Parking for cars is provided nearly everywhere, and often debated and argued about, but other forms of transport are often only provided for as an afterthought. The standards cover safety, security, and accessibility – including provision for non-standard cycles such as adapted cycles used by disabled people, or cargo bikes.

Kent County Council has lost temporary powers to clamp and fine HGVs parked in restricted areas, but promise to find alternatives to manage problems created by HGVs waiting for channel crossings.

ITV News reports on complaints about Blue Badge Holders’ bays moved for a cycle lane. The bays, in Brighton, don’t leave a wide enough space between the parking spaces and the cycle lane.

The top two floors of Castle Terrace car park in Edingburgh will become a new fringe venue, “MultiStorey”, reports The Scotsman.

The proposed introduction of parking charges to Alton, Hampshire, has resulted in the usual nonsense claims of Free parking ‘vital’ to health of town despite there being no such as thing as free parking – these spaces are paid for by all taxpayers, whether they drive or not.

They haven’t called it one, but a protest in Cleethorpes by residents fed up with school traffic has effectively created a DIY School Street using wheelie bins.