Last week in parking: 01 May 2022

01 May 2022

Several places report on parking penalties accumulated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson when writing motoring stories for GQ – but no speeding tickets, with former editor Dylan Jones saying the cars were often delivered and collected with no miles driven. ukparking view: If the cars were dropped off and collected without being driven, this suggests a certain unwillingness to do the job properly by the now Prime Minister – but perhaps the parking penalties would be better attributed to whoever delivered the cars.

A driver has been caught attempting to avoid parking charges by waiting on a motorway hard shoulder near Manchester Airport – which is not only illegal but also dangerous for the occupants of the car and other road users.

Yahoo Sport is again reporting on parking, this time with a motorist falsely claiming he was issued with a penalty for his car’s shadow – though the dispute really centres on if the bay he was parked in is part of the same parking place as the bay in front.

Thanet Council are reviewing planning policy related to parking provision.

West Yorkshire Police have removed a van blocking the pavement in Leeds – the driver has responded online claiming “there was loads of room 2 walk round it easily enough room 4 a buggy or a wheel chair”, though the photo shared by West Yorkshire Police shows that although a pedestrian could fit between the van and the busy dual carriageway, there was not enough room for a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Parking prices in London can be very high, with a parking space in Knightsbridge currently being offered for £350,000 (more than the average UK house price), but on average, cycle parking is nearly five times the price which FareCity, who carried out the research, insists needs to change.