Last week in parking: 19 July 2020

19 Jul 2020

The London Borough of Hounslow has parking permits with different charges based on emissions and is proposing a similar concept for their pay-by-phone parking.

Kendal is considering introducing a ParkingPerx scheme to allow retailers to subsidise customer parking without the normal risk of free parking being used by people other than those it is intended for.

The Scotsman reports on a study showing that over a third of the space in two of Scotland’s biggest cities is dedicated to cars – the report, “Stealing Our Cities” highlights that green spaces, public transport and cycling infrastructure are “extremely lacking”, and that at the Scottish Events Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, more space is dedicated to outdoor smoking than bike parking.

FT Advisor reports on two companies would up for claiming to offer opportunities to invest in airport parking spaces – but did not actually own the car parks they claimed to.