Last week in parking: 10 April 2022

10 Apr 2022

The Scotsman reports on a survey showing many drivers find parking restrictions confusing – part of the reason this site exists! The survey was done by a company promoting its app, but this was more interesting than most press-release based articles. ukparking view: I was pleased to see good, sensible, advice from AppyWay about using alternatives to driving, being willing to park further away, and planning ahead for journeys that need to be done car, but somewhat worried by the one-third of drivers who appear to park up not knowing whether they are allowed to or not.

Nursing Times carries an appeal to make parking “free” in England. ukparking view: This is a worryingly misguided approach that will end up subsidising car use from health budgets and does nothing to aid those who don’t drive. The BMJ has a much better opinion piece on hospital parking by Harriet Larrington-Spencer and Matthew Jackson.

Summer is not here yet, but The National is already carrying pleas from authorities to park sensibly in popular tourist destinations – this week it is Gwynedd, home to much of Snowdonia, making the appeal.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, Midlothian Council are introducing a new parking ban around parts of Gladhouse Reservoir to prevent similar problems.

The Shropshire Star reports on a fault with Tesco’s camera system resulting in parking charges being sent in error to users of their Ludlow store.