Last week in parking: 21 July 2019

21 Jul 2019

ITV reports on problems caused by blocking dropped kerbs: Visually impaired mother says parking next to dropped kerbs causes serious hazard

Shropshire Star reports on plans to use artificial intelligence to analyse where road markings need repair: Local road markings to be analysed in £2m scheme ukparking view: The article correctly identifies that “Poor road markings can make it difficult for road users to distinguish whether it is safe to overtake, parking is allowed or how wide a lane is”. The big “but”, though, is how pointless this latest £2million spend from Chris “failing” Grayling is: councils already have staff walking the streets reporting this, and there are plenty of ways for members of the public to report problems as well. These methods of identifying defects already add to lists of needed repairs faster than local authorities’ highways budgets can keep up with carrying out the repairs.

Motoring Research has a slightly misleading headline of EVERY new home to have an electric car charge point. The article goes on to clarify this only applies to new build houses with a dedicated parking space. I wonder how many new houses will now have a large front patio instead of a driveway.

West Leeds Dispatch reports on new restrictions in Leeds: Council over-rules Calverley parking restrictions objections. A linked report shows that the two objections that were over-ruled were from a resident who objected not being able to park on the road outside their house during the day despite having a driveway, and another resident who mistakenly believed that double yellow lines would extend in front of their property.

This Week in FM covers TFL’s plans to invest in more parking for bicycles: Funding Boost To Meet Growing Demand For Cycle Parking. ukparking view: More secure cycle parking is part of a jigsaw to increase cycling. Possibly controversially, ukparking’s view is that increasing cycling is a good thing for motorists, as cyclists require less road space and far less parking space than other cars, relieving congestion and reducing demand for car parks. has published a press release titled “How to save up to £268 on airport parking”. ukparking view: The website is a mess with far too many boxes to close before you can read the article, and the article itself is just a press release from a website selling parking spaces, so I have not bothered to link to it. It is, however, a welcome reminder that parking is something best planned, not just left to whatever you can see when you arrive.