Last week in parking: 21 June 2020

21 Jun 2020

Three days in a row, has been covering parking issues at a local park in Wilmslow, where people have been using a nearby footway covered by double yellow lines as overflow parking. They covered a statement from the council asking people to park responsibly earlier in the month, but was clearly not entirely successful, as on Sunday there was a report of tickets being issued; on Monday they covered a councillor’s call to install bollards and on Tuesday, a response from the council on why they wouldn’t be installing bollards. ukparking view: I’m not familiar enough with the location to make a comment on whether or not bollards are suitable here; they can take space away from pedestrians but certainly they can be a useful tool in physically preventing access to somewhere that needs to be kept car-free, and far better than guardrail which blocks pedestrian routes.

bikebiz reports on Oxford introducing cycle parking and park and ride sites, to create a ‘park and pedal’ option. ukparking view: I’m not sure this will be the most successful measure for increasing cycle use, as it seems to rely on people keeping bikes in public parking spaces, but I’m pleased to see the effort being made.

York’s recovery plans include “closing a car park and introducing more cycling facilities including ‘park and cycle hubs’ similar to Oxford’s ‘park and pedal’ offering.

Coventry Telegraph report on planning approval being given to a 1600 space car park at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire.