Last week in parking: 05 July 2020

05 Jul 2020

Continuing high demand for outdoor activity areas is leading to parking space running out and people parking inappropriately, with temporary restrictions being introduced in places including Church Stretton and Finnich Glen in Stirling to reduce these problems.

In Great Yarmouth, bad parking has been a more serious problem as fire crews were delayed by parked cars while responding to a fire in a pub. ukparking view: Thankfully, no-one was injured on this occasion, but unlike for most motorists, the two-minute delay they faced really could have been life-or-death. It’s easy for drivers of cars and vans to not realise how much more space large vehicles like fire engines, bin wagons, and buses need – they are a lot wider as well as longer than cars.

York has made further improvements to support their increased pedestrianisation, with more spaces reserved for blue badge holders to replace those removed from streets that are now closed, and a shuttle service to ensure people with disabilities can still get into the centre of the city. ukparking view: I’m not sure how successful the shuttle project will be, as it sounds expensive, and people may be reluctant to use it, but I am really pleased to see York finding ways to solve the challenges and criticisms that inevitably come up from any major project that takes space from cars, instead of just giving up.

In Edinburgh, Network Rail has plans to build a visitor centre for the iconic Forth Rail Bridge, but have disagreed with the city council over the size of the car park. ukparking view: Perhaps Network Rail, of all organisations, could be trying to encourage people to use the train, instead?

Struggling shopping centre operator intu has a new use for the car park at its Merry Hill centre – karaoke, theatre, and comedy – with events planned for 23 and 24 July.